What About You?

A photo by dan carlson. unsplash.com/photos/oTQVwECws8oAre you ready to celebrate yourself this holiday? I want to chime in and remind you that the holidays aren’t just about celebrating and giving to others. I know you have a long list of family members and friends you’ve been saving up for and purchasing gifts for but, what about you?

This is a powerful time to also give to yourself! If you didn’t see my post about 10 Gifts To Give Yourself – check it out here.

Life isn’t only about giving and doing. It’s also about receiving and being. The happiest and most successful mentors I have had always reminded me, “it all starts with me”! The amount of time I invest in myself, my dreams, my emotions is PRICELESS. We cannot “do” or even “be” when we are running on empty. Sounds easy enough but it takes COURAGE to put yourself first.

Though, it’s easy to blame others and expect them to do more for us – the truth is, it’s your job to set the stage for receiving. Begin by doing things you want to do and putting yourself first. Learn to communicate your needs + desires to others by being the LEADER. In other words, lead by example.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming the leader in your life in all respects. I invite you to read more about my work and programs. There are still a few spots left in the Soul Shine Sisterhood + an opportunity to work with me one on one next year!

I am offering specials + discounts during the holidays (up until the 24th) that you won’t want to miss! Start next year off on the right foot. Start by putting yourself first and investing in something that is priceless – the quality of your life!

Read more here!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! May you feel loved, grateful and connected to your purpose. Safe travels and celebrations. I have a feeling you are in for an amazing year. All my love!

Happy Holidays

Love + Lights,

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