The Opportunity in the Obstacle

I know, its been a while! First of all – Hi there beautiful soul!

Though I had originally planned to take off 4 months after my daughter Aria was born, I decided to take some additional time to heal, take good care of myself and just be a present mama. As we all know by now, life doesn’t always go according to our perfect plan!

Some of you know that my post-partum experience included a few challenging surprises. I needed to have an emergency D &C surgery about 8 weeks after Aria was born. This led to extra healing both physically, mentally and emotionally. Honestly, it was one of the most traumatic and overwhelming experiences of my life.

During those first few weeks of confusion, overwhelm and “why me” mentality, I received the most beautiful reminder. I was reading Gabby Bernstein’s, The Universe Has Your Back (which is on a special sale right now for $.99) and came across a prayer she uses. It was a guiding light for me and I’d love to share it.

“Thank You Universe for helping me see this obstacle as an opportunity, I will step back and let you lead the way.”

As I found myself struggling to surrender to the fact that things didn’t go according to plan and accept that new challenges lay ahead. I realized that on a deeper level, everything happens for a reason- for my own spiritual growth and expansion.

Don’t get me wrong, it sucked, like a MF ; ) I was in pain physically and emotionally which led to some very dark nights. In those moments (we have all had them) there was a sense of disconnection, frustration and deep sadness.

We can’t feel it at the time, but there is also an awakening that comes through feeling your feelings so fully. I didn’t have the usual energy to make sense of everything and so I allowed myself to feel it all without analyzing it and without repressing it or numbing myself. If you trust that you are safe enough to feel it or receive the support needed to something magical happens.

I knew there was nothing I could do but SURRENDER and lean into my belief that though it was painful, it was also an OPPORTUNITY to grow and learn more about myself. It was in shifting my perspective that things began to change. That doesn’t mean it disappeared overnight nor did I get the clear answers I wanted right away. But once I decided to see it as good rather than bad, guidance came my way.

Spiritually, I realized that my own strength, divine connection and worth on a deeper scale. In a sense, I feel that I am more myself now than I have ever been.

My levels of self-care and self-love deepened and I could truly connect with what my intuition was telling me. These terms mean a lot more than taking time to rest or having a candle lit bath.

They showed up as truly putting myself first by honoring where I was at and finding the beat of my own drum. In other words, I cut out a lot of the bullshit that used to keep me stuck. In the past I might have choose the safety of old habits and fears.

They were what I had always known but I knew I was ok, I was safe to feel the fears. As a result, I received peace and discovered a truer path for myself.

Without my faith that everything was happening for a reason and that each challenge is an opportunity for growth I wouldn’t have made it through to this empowered and positive place. I know now, that these challenges were the best thing that ever happened to me because it led to growth and has allowed me to remember who I really am.

I believe many of you can relate to this. No matter where you are at right now and what challenges lay ahead, I want you to know that I love you, you are safe, you are worthy and you will get through it.

If you can accept where you are at and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be guidance will come your way.

You might learn that every obstacle you encounter is a gift helping you to remember your own strength, capability and worth.

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P.S. I found a book that explained what was happening with my hormonal health. It gave me the knowledge about my physical symptoms that I needed to make positive changes. I learned that our diets and stress level impact the natural balance of hormones in our bodies. Millions of American women struggle with thyroid issues which means that imbalance is quickly becoming the norm.

If you have been diagnosed with Hashimotos or any thyroid dysfunction check out this book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution by Aviva Romm.


Experiencing 2017

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that it is now 2017 –  remember when we celebrated the millennium? That was 17 years ago. Crazy, right? When I look at it from that perspective I can only think, “holy shit, life goes by fast.”

Many of you know that my husband and I welcomed our first baby, Aria, in September. 2016 was an incredible year for me as many of my dreams came true. However, I also faced many challenges, fears and tears in this major year of transition. I am guessing you did too?


I believe there will always be highs and lows in our lives. Experiences that we love and want to remember + ones we hate and try to forget.  Though it hurts to admit it, “highs don’t exist without some lows.”

For the first time in my life (this is vulnerable for me) I am open to the ups + downs that come along with life. That may sound odd – but I realized in my first few months of motherhood how attached I am to labels such a good + bad, right + wrong, happy + sad.

I have spent many years deep in self-inquiry around discovering peace + purpose because I want to make this life my best life and I am willing to dig deep, learn and make changes to support the type of experience I want.

At the same time, I have been holding on and labeling many of the not so nice happenings and trying to avoid them at all costs. Why? Because I don’t like pain – I don’t like it for me or for anyone. I want to wipe it away so that we all feel good.

I know this about myself and I also know that’s not REAL freedom, peace or pleasure. The freedom I desire isn’t conditional. It’s not, “only if things go my way than I’ll be happy.”

This year I want to embrace LIFE EXPERIENCES – that includes all of them which means I choose to release my ATTACHMENTS + LABELING. Let’s stop putting everything in a box. None of us are getting out of here alive anyway and we cannot always control it all.

Before you jump on your New Year’s Resolutions, goals and to do’s for the year,

I’d love for you to consider this for yourself:

  • How do you label your life experiences? Is there a way to accept the good with the so called bad as a TEAM rather than a RIVALRY?
  • Consider one of my favorite quotes by Dr. Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
  • This year can you choose LIFE and EXPERIENCE over perfection, good and easy? (The difference is leading with your soul rather than with your ego.)

My truth is that, it’s never all good or all bad. It’s a bit of both! In fact, good + bad depend on me. My mood usually dictates and identifies with one or the other. I am not discounting the immense range of emotion and difficult circumstances you have experienced – though, I want you to consider that perhaps your perspectives on right/wrong + your labels keep you stuck.

For me, I am curious to see how embracing EXPERIENCE rather than categorizing my experiences will impact my life. How about you?

Wishing you all the best for a year of peace, pleasure + purpose! Know you are loved and enough just as you are <3

Love + Light,


What About You?

A photo by dan carlson. you ready to celebrate yourself this holiday? I want to chime in and remind you that the holidays aren’t just about celebrating and giving to others. I know you have a long list of family members and friends you’ve been saving up for and purchasing gifts for but, what about you?

This is a powerful time to also give to yourself! If you didn’t see my post about 10 Gifts To Give Yourself – check it out here.

Life isn’t only about giving and doing. It’s also about receiving and being. The happiest and most successful mentors I have had always reminded me, “it all starts with me”! The amount of time I invest in myself, my dreams, my emotions is PRICELESS. We cannot “do” or even “be” when we are running on empty. Sounds easy enough but it takes COURAGE to put yourself first.

Though, it’s easy to blame others and expect them to do more for us – the truth is, it’s your job to set the stage for receiving. Begin by doing things you want to do and putting yourself first. Learn to communicate your needs + desires to others by being the LEADER. In other words, lead by example.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming the leader in your life in all respects. I invite you to read more about my work and programs. There are still a few spots left in the Soul Shine Sisterhood + an opportunity to work with me one on one next year!

I am offering specials + discounts during the holidays (up until the 24th) that you won’t want to miss! Start next year off on the right foot. Start by putting yourself first and investing in something that is priceless – the quality of your life!

Read more here!

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! May you feel loved, grateful and connected to your purpose. Safe travels and celebrations. I have a feeling you are in for an amazing year. All my love!

Happy Holidays

Love + Lights,

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My Greatest Lesson

2016 Dino Reichmuth

During this time of year, I begin to reflect back on my life. I love to bring awareness to not only the happenings of the past year but to my greatest learnings. Since I was a kid, I was infatuated with anything “self-help” related. I used to spend hours at the bookstore, sitting cross-legged under the self-help section.

I wanted to learn as much as possible about myself and about life. I wanted to take the shortcuts and figure things out! Of course, I learned that there are no shortcuts in life. However, by reading books and listening to lectures of great teachers on the subject of wellness, spirituality, inner freedom, etc. pearls of wisdom started to repeat in me.

Even things that I didn’t understand or didn’t make sense to me became a part of my consciousness.  They were like seeds being planted + rooted in me even before I saw a single thing grow in my garden.

This is always good to remember when you feel stuck or hopeless! Everything that you not only do but read and allow into your consciousness is a seed (good + bad)– it can take time to nurture + grow it but if you allowed it in with the slight possibility that it’s true – it’s in you!

I remember reading this particular quote many years ago-

“Recognize that the other person is you” Yogi Bhajan

I had no idea what that meant. What do you mean the other person is me? How so?

Well, nevertheless I knew whatever he meant was true. I felt it in my body – it was a DIAMOND of wisdom and I allowed it in.

Over the years, it has come up over + over again. For me, this means that everything I see, feel, or think in another is a reflection of something within me. For instance, if I judge another – I judge myself, if I see something that bothers me in another – it is within myself, if I offer advice or give to another, I am giving to myself.

We are all so connected – though it seems we are separate and through our experiences + learnings with others; we are learning more about ourselves.

It also means, according to Yogi Bhajan we are being called to take full responsibility for our experiences and to live the Truth—we are ALL ONE.”

For me, the greatest realization came when I was reacting to a circumstance involving a loved one. My reaction was big + angry + emotional. Suddenly, it came to me; I wasn’t upset at that person and it wasn’t for the reasons I thought. In fact, it didn’t even have to do with them! Except for the fact that they helped me uncover something about myself. The brought something out of me that was hidden deep and I had a choice to see it as my own or to put the blame on them.

I choose to look deeper into it and saw it as something within myself which led to immense healing and freedom.

I wanted to share this gem with you and ask you to feel into what it means for you and to use it when you are in situations with others.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this about me or them?
  • If this is about me, what would it be trying to show me?
  • How can I see myself a part of a whole rather than a separate piece?

I’d love to hear if this makes sense to you and how you understand it! Hit reply or comment below to share.

Love + Light,

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10 Gifts to Give Yourself

A photo by Leonardo Wong. the holidays get closer and the season shifts toward colder days, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. This time of year is often “a favorite.” It’s all about pumpkin spice lattes + shopping. However, it’s also intense and busy!

This year, I want to introduce the idea of the gift giving – to yourself. I know you are running around and doing so much for everyone in your life. I also know that you are at your job earning an income to make all this possible so before you run into the mess of late night shopping, lists, credit cards, and celebration planning; start with giving yourself these 10 gifts.

  1. The gift of slowing down.

I know that it can sometimes feel as if your days are flying by- make the choice to slow down and bring your attention back to the present moment. Running the lists in your head and rushing to get it all done creates major stress and frustration. Try slowing down + enjoying the moment wherever you are.

  1. The gift of taking deep and soulful breaths.

One of the easiest ways of starting your day out on the right foot begins with the breath. Yes, we naturally breath and don’t need to think about doing it but by simply taking 3 minutes to notice + connect with your breath you will find more ease, trust + flow to your day. 3 MINUTES – that’s it.

  1. The gift of spacious eating.

When life gets busy, one of the first things that fall in level of importance is eating. Actually taking the time to sit down and chew consciously. It’ so much easier to rush + grab a coffee than take 20 minutes. It feels like its ok because you want to get other stuff done but it leads to major burn out + mood swings to skip this. We are ignoring the basic needs of our body and will actually accomplish more later by taking some time to eat.

  1. The gift of receiving.

What is something that you enjoy receiving? How can be a bit kinder and more loving towards yourself? Is it taking a half day from work to pamper yourself or buying yourself fresh flowers at the store? Maybe there is something that you could ask a loved one to do for you?

  1. The gift of intention setting.

Instead of jumping right into this time of year, take a moment to think + feel into how you want to experience the next few weeks. Set a powerful intention to guide you through!

  1. The gift of introspection.

This is connected to setting an intention. Notice what’s been going on the past few months. How have you been feeling? What are you missing or desiring?

  1. The gift of self-recognition.

You’ve almost made it through another full year! Congratulations – without even knowing you, I can tell you that you overcame challenges, experienced new things and grew from last year. What are you proud of? How can you celebrate yourself?

  1. The gift of childlike play.

This time of year isn’t just about kids – we are after all always kids at heart. How can you have some fun? Go ice skating at the local park, bake cookies, get silly + have some fun!

  1. The gift of trust.

Many of these ideas aren’t possible without having some trust + faith. Trust that things will and are working out for the best, that everything that needs to get done will and that life isn’t all on your shoulders. Believe in something greater and take the leap of trust.

  1. The gift of body movement.

Another important mood booster and stress reducer is connected to movement. You don’t have to go to the gym and sweat for 2 hours to move your body. But I can tell you simply going out for a walk around the block, dancing for 10 mins after the shower, or stretching your body when you wake up will positively impact your life.

My hope is that you can begin to use these simple yet incredibly nurturing gifts to yourself during this time of year.

Hit reply to this email and let me know which one stands out most to you! Take the power of your life experience back into your hands this fall.

Enrollment for my Soul Shine Sisterhood Program is NOW OPEN. If you want to truly gift yourself this holiday read more and connect with me to see if this is a match for you. I am offering a handful of opportunities to connect with me before enrollment closes!

Also early bird holiday specials + discounts won’t last (up until the 24th)! Start next year off with security + purpose. Together we can create magic!


Love + Light,

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