The “Thankfully Me” Thanksgiving Challenge

Thanksgiving Challenge Header (1)Welcome and happy new moon day (for astrology buffs), I am touched that you are here. It means the world to me to connect with you and share the first ever “Thankfully Me” Thanksgiving Challenge with you today. This challenge is all about cultivating self-love and gratitude for yourself. The challenge will lead into Thanksgiving beginning November 18th through the 24th.

The modern day purpose of Thanksgiving is to express gratitude for all our blessings and to give to those less fortunate than us; the best preparation for this holiday is to start with ourselves! It can be a lot easier and expected to give thanks to everyone and everything you love but what about giving thanks and acknowledging yourself?

I believe that in order to feel truly grateful and give with all our hearts, we need to come from a place of love and abundance within. This is only possible when we listen, love and accept ourselves.

In fact, this is the cornerstone of my coaching work. For years I didn’t realize that my negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and work harder/push through mindset led to a deeply disconnected relationship with myself. I didn’t appreciate myself and I didn’t acknowledge or celebrate all that I was. I was constantly beating myself up (mentally) and pushing to be different. And it showed up loud and clear in my life as anxiety, depression and hopelessness.

Through my inner work and practices I’ll share in the challenge, I learned to gently listen, love and take soul aligned action towards my dreams through appreciating myself. It is my intention that through the process of this challenge, you will connect to your true self and feel deep-rooted love and gratitude from within! It’s about YOU being thankful for YOU.

Since the holiday season can be overwhelming for many of us, this challenge will also leave you feeling prepared to show up at your family gatherings feeling confident, grounded and thankful for everyone you hold dear, beginning with YOU of course! It’s the key to making it through the holiday season without losing your footing.

So are you ready? Can I hear, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED – woohoo?”

How It Works:

Each day for 7 days, you will receive an email straight to your inbox with a love note and action piece from me. Once you opt-in to the challenge, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook page where you can creatively share with us (take a picture, write a post, etc.) or privately message me your experience!

How To Win Prizes:

Every time you share using the hashtag #ThankfullyMeChallenge on any social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) your name will be noted and entered in the drawing. The person that shares most often will be rewarded!

Prizes Include: A $50 Amazon Gift Card and 20% OFF New Coaching Packages With Me!

What To Do Now:

1. Sign up for the challenge here
2. Share information about the challenge with your friends and family

Next Steps After You Sign Up:

1. Once you receive your challenge welcome email, you will receive access to join our private Facebook group.
2. Sit back and relax — you’ll receive your first challenge on November 18th!
3. Post and share your experience on the FB group using the #ThankfullyMeChallenge!

Again, I am beyond excited for you to experience this challenge. It will rock your world! Please share with your friends and family. Spread the love!

With Love and Light,

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