Is Time Running Your Life?


“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90…time is a concept that humans created “ – Yoko Ono

Recently, I have been thinking about time and how we live our lives by the clock. I remember talking to my teacher about time and what he said stuck with me. He said,

“we run around living our lives as if it’s linear – when the truth is – life is cyclical.”

Wow – of course that makes so much sense. Life is not the traditional timeline that we think of. That long line with years that has a starting point + an ending point. Rather, it’s a big circle that continues on.

I wondered how I’d feel about time if I saw it a cyclical rather than linear. I thought about all the labels we attribute to time. Age, for instance, is a big one. When we are young, it makes sense to consider our age. For example, we don’t want 6-year old’s driving cars but then we get to a certain age and it feels like does this number really even matter?

My clients often bring up their age and it is a source of frustration. They say things like, “I am already XX years old. As if they are running out of time and it’s too late. They mean, “I am too old to learn new thing, start over or do this.”

From my point of view, we are allowing “time – a human creation” to dictate what’s possible for us and that sucks!

I recently saw a video of a 99-year-old woman that does yoga and teaches yoga daily. Everyone was in awe of how wonderful this was and I thought why does this have to be the minority? What if all of us lived a long, healthy life and enjoyed each day?

I believe the quality of our thoughts dictate our lives. If we begin thinking that we are old, that we are running out of time, that we can’t do certain things, that old age equals weakness, etc…. we are giving away our own power to time.

And if we choose to flip that thought and begin to understand that time is not the limitation but that it is our own thoughts about time – the one thing we actually do have control over – than we could release this incredibly heavy and negative burden off of our shoulders and live a life of freedom.

No matter what your age, no matter what year it is and no matter what you want to do, try or accomplish – remember the challenge isn’t the number, the challenge is shifting your thoughts and beliefs around it.

What you choose to think + believe will run your life – choose wisely.

If you struggle with time in regards to your age or even getting things done, please use this as a new way of thinking about time.

Love + Light,

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