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A photo by Roksolana Zasiadko. we run around shopping, preparing, and doing; it’s hard not to think about money, numbers and prices. As a society, many would say that we live our lives around money. We need it to survive and it creates a lot of stress. Many people choose their careers and base their decisions around how much money it will cost or how much they need.

This is a part of living life as a human on the earth; however, our tendency is to get lost in it and give our power away to it.

So, I wanted to shine some light on the things in life that are priceless. Especially during this time of year when we are surrounded by family, love, and reflection.

Consider for a moment what that even means to you… What does it mean to have something that is priceless?

I am remembering those American Express commercials right now. Funny, but the “priceless” part was true. Here’s a list of things that come to mind for me. Please share in the comments what comes up for you!


– Uncontrollable laughter + snorting (just for fun)

– Watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset

– Love making

– Big life realizations + aha’s

– Connecting with someone one a deep level

– Bettering your quality of life

– Receiving unconditional support + love

-Spending time with loved ones

– Experiencing something new for the first time

– A truly good meal (I’m a foodie)

– Really anything that recharges my batteries and reconnects me with my soul

I wonder what would happen if we started considering the “priceless – ness” of certain things rather than the prices.

In other words, rather than considering the monetary exchange – think about what you gain on a deeper level?

With these and your own in mind – consider how incredibly wealthy + abundant you actually are! Bring this into the holidays and new year with you.

Love + Light,

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