Practice What You Preach

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We’ve all heard this saying before and probably even said it in anger a few times to our closest friends. Although it can often be used as an insult for calling someone a hypocrite. I want to take this simple and powerful saying to a deeper level.

Firstly, practice what you preach simply means to actively do what you believe in or advise others on. This deeply resonates with me as a coach because in order to be the successful coach that I am, I need to be authentic and stand strong in my beliefs.

This makes my life and work feel meaningful, aligned and honest. All-important values to me!

When I was enrolled in my yearlong coaching program, we had a week out of the month called “walk your talk.” This was the week we practiced the tools and techniques on ourselves with partners and challenged ourselves to take action and experience it firsthand. Though it was organized as a weekly theme, this was the message that underlined the entire year’s work. Needless to say, it was life changing.

The reason it was life changing was because the deep inner work was coupled with action steps to take and experience. It was experiential learning which in my opinion is always the most impactful way to learn.

If I am going to preach self-love and self-worth to clients than I need to feel that way about myself. If I am going to talk about owning one’s power, I need to own my own power. If I am going to express how living a peaceful and happy life is possible, I need to reach a point in my life where I can overcome anxiety and fear to feel good myself.

Now that doesn’t mean I am not human and don’t still experience some of these struggles because I do, but it does mean that I believe in this work, experience it first hand, benefit from it and feel confident in myself – that feels good.

Experiencing this feeling is happiness for me because it flows and brings me joy.

The reason I share this is to make two important points (whether you preach or not):

  1. The advice that you would give to anyone you love about life and challenges is TRUE FOR YOU TOO. When you respond with deep hearted love and compassion to them but don’t hold yourself to the same worth, you aren’t living in alignment. (Hint: it doesn’t feel good)

If you believe that your friend is beautiful even though she gained weight, why isn’t it true for you? If you believe that your daughter deserves to be in a positive and healthy work environment but you should stay at a job you hate, why?

Getting clear on your truest beliefs (the ones you’d advise your loved one to do) and allowing them to guide you will change your life.

  1. When you couple action (any practice) with your experience you grow in leaps and bounds.

For instance, if you are working on building your confidence and you decide to recite an affirmation each morning, you are taking an action. If you are working on releasing the pattern of panic and anxiety and choose to practice 5 minutes of deep breathing a day, you are taking action.

If your goal is to feel happier, more confident, or see transformation these two points can be monumental in your life.Living in alignment can be a struggle because our minds (ego) are used to running the show.

Much of gaining what we want is actually just removing everything we are not from our lives this includes the thoughts and beliefs we hold true about ourselves.

Love and Light,

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