It’s Just One of Those Days

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There are days that everything feels to flow in a magical way. Where you feel amazing, love your life, appreciate your family and have fun. We love these days and want more and more of them. In fact, when we experience the opposite (feeling confused, low, and sad) we begin to think that something may be terribly wrong.

When I was growing up one of my favorite songs was “Don’t Take It Personal – Just One of Them Days” by Monica. Do you remember this song? It makes me laugh thinking about it. It’s from the mid-90’s and my life has shifted drastically since back then, however, I still have “just one of those days” where I feel down, want to have space and overly analyze what’s going on.

Truthfully, we all experience these days. Even Heidi Klum or someone you imagine has the perfect life has days where they think “what am I doing and whats wrong with me?” I am here to remind you that you are not alone. And its ACTUALLY NORMAL to have some days where you feel this way.

Of course, its important to put things in perspective. If you have these days more than you’d like to or want to make big changes in your life experience, that’s one thing and it is totally possible. (This the work that I do with women through coaching!) But if you are feeling good about life in general and have a day or two where you feel crappy – sometimes it’s best to let it be. Accept the feelings and acknowledge yourself. It doesn’t mean your not ok, your life is falling apart or that something huge needs to change.

Perhaps resisting these days and fighting them off isn’t what your soul needs. With all the emotions, energies, experiences and stresses in life, maybe allowing yourself to feel the discomfort of “one of them days” is what you need.

It’s human and believe it or not you are a soul having a human experience! Our bodies, minds and soul need to reboot, release and relax. Remember – you are still ok, safe and will get through it all.

Do you ever experience these days? Can you remind yourself that it is ok and totally human to feel down sometimes? Can you allow yourself to feel it and then let it flow through you? In the comments below, I’d love for you to share your perspectives with me! And just for fun listen to Monica’s song

With love and light,



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