10 Gifts to Give Yourself

A photo by Leonardo Wong. unsplash.com/photos/7pGehyH7o64As the holidays get closer and the season shifts toward colder days, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. This time of year is often “a favorite.” It’s all about pumpkin spice lattes + shopping. However, it’s also intense and busy!

This year, I want to introduce the idea of the gift giving – to yourself. I know you are running around and doing so much for everyone in your life. I also know that you are at your job earning an income to make all this possible so before you run into the mess of late night shopping, lists, credit cards, and celebration planning; start with giving yourself these 10 gifts.

  1. The gift of slowing down.

I know that it can sometimes feel as if your days are flying by- make the choice to slow down and bring your attention back to the present moment. Running the lists in your head and rushing to get it all done creates major stress and frustration. Try slowing down + enjoying the moment wherever you are.

  1. The gift of taking deep and soulful breaths.

One of the easiest ways of starting your day out on the right foot begins with the breath. Yes, we naturally breath and don’t need to think about doing it but by simply taking 3 minutes to notice + connect with your breath you will find more ease, trust + flow to your day. 3 MINUTES – that’s it.

  1. The gift of spacious eating.

When life gets busy, one of the first things that fall in level of importance is eating. Actually taking the time to sit down and chew consciously. It’ so much easier to rush + grab a coffee than take 20 minutes. It feels like its ok because you want to get other stuff done but it leads to major burn out + mood swings to skip this. We are ignoring the basic needs of our body and will actually accomplish more later by taking some time to eat.

  1. The gift of receiving.

What is something that you enjoy receiving? How can be a bit kinder and more loving towards yourself? Is it taking a half day from work to pamper yourself or buying yourself fresh flowers at the store? Maybe there is something that you could ask a loved one to do for you?

  1. The gift of intention setting.

Instead of jumping right into this time of year, take a moment to think + feel into how you want to experience the next few weeks. Set a powerful intention to guide you through!

  1. The gift of introspection.

This is connected to setting an intention. Notice what’s been going on the past few months. How have you been feeling? What are you missing or desiring?

  1. The gift of self-recognition.

You’ve almost made it through another full year! Congratulations – without even knowing you, I can tell you that you overcame challenges, experienced new things and grew from last year. What are you proud of? How can you celebrate yourself?

  1. The gift of childlike play.

This time of year isn’t just about kids – we are after all always kids at heart. How can you have some fun? Go ice skating at the local park, bake cookies, get silly + have some fun!

  1. The gift of trust.

Many of these ideas aren’t possible without having some trust + faith. Trust that things will and are working out for the best, that everything that needs to get done will and that life isn’t all on your shoulders. Believe in something greater and take the leap of trust.

  1. The gift of body movement.

Another important mood booster and stress reducer is connected to movement. You don’t have to go to the gym and sweat for 2 hours to move your body. But I can tell you simply going out for a walk around the block, dancing for 10 mins after the shower, or stretching your body when you wake up will positively impact your life.

My hope is that you can begin to use these simple yet incredibly nurturing gifts to yourself during this time of year.

Hit reply to this email and let me know which one stands out most to you! Take the power of your life experience back into your hands this fall.

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