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The holidays are a joyful, celebratory time, aren’t they? All of the family time, the smells of good food being prepared, and the overall feeling of nostalgia all help create wonderful memories. But, quite often, the holiday season is also filled with busyness, shopping, and a whole lot of “doing.” We get lost in overwhelm, childhood fears, insecurities, and even loneliness. We fall into self-judgment for not doing enough or being enough.

The good news, however, is that the holiday season doesn’t have to be marked with those burdensome feelings and stress. It truly can be a time of joy filled with love for ourselves and for others. It can be a time where we gain a new awareness of our own thoughts, our actions, and our beliefs. With that new awareness, we can have aha’s and shifts that lead to purpose in the new year.

How This Can Support You:

As the busyness of the season starts, we tend to power through and feel stuck in another holiday season. The end of the year turns out to be more of a waiting for next year rather than a present, joyous + celebratory time. Why not take the time (7 days) to bring awareness to yourself and your purpose this year?

Instead of just following the calendar – jump in the driver’s seat and plant the seeds for the type of holiday experience you want! By shining a light on yourself (dreams, fears, desires, purpose) YOU can understand yourself and create a deeper meaning for this time of year – not to mention you will already be setting a secure foundation to begin 2017! Put yourself first this year and discover a new kind of holiday experience with purpose.

What’s Included:

If you want to get out of the holiday overwhelm and get clear on who you are and what your purpose is, then I invite you to sign up for the Thankfully Me Holiday Experience.This experience is totally FREE and will include:

  • 7 daily emails with action pieces from me
  • a loving community of like-minded individuals in a private FB group
  • fun prizes + free gifts
  • option to continue diving deeper with 2 free webinar calls this December on COMPLETING THE YEAR WITH PURPOSE + PLANTING SEEDS FOR 2017!

What’s a Holiday Experience?

I have purposely named this an “experience” because I believe real change comes from taking action. It’s great when our minds can play detective and figure things out, but lasting change comes from real EXPERIENCES. Putting yourself out there to try new things and going all in isn’t always easy. It feels safer to do things in our heads, but if you want to actualize your dream + get clear on your purpose in this lifetime you’ll need to experience these tools and learning’s first hand!

Luckily you won’t be alone – you’ll be surrounded by a like-minded and loving community who are also ready to “experience” the end of the year + life in general in a new way!

Are you in? Sign up here!

Check Out Testimonials from last year’s Thankfully Me Experience:

Again thank you so much, Orly. These past 7 days have taught me how to love myself, and I can actually appreciate myself now!

Shannon – USA

The Thankfully Me Thanksgiving Challenge was such a fun and special way to kick off the holiday season. Orly did a phenomenal job at guiding the group through fun activities each day in which we could practice self-love and appreciation. Participating in this challenge allowed me to reflect on the reasons I am thankful for being me and to reconnect with myself on a deeper level. I am excited and looking forward to joining the challenge again next year and seeing what new magic comes from it this time around!

FabiolaFabi- USA


The holiday challenge created so much openness for me. A lot of the stress I was carrying around began to lift, and I felt more clear about myself. I felt ready to enjoy this time of year with my friends + family. I loved that it wasn’t too long and was amazed at how powerful it was to be in the group and connect with others. Thank you!

Karen – USA

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