Thank You

Hi Love,

I wanted to say, WITH MY WHOLE HEART, THANK YOU for signing up to receive 4 Steps To Starting Your Day in the Light and monthly love notes. It is my goal to support and inspire women that desire more freedom and happiness in their lives. I promise to only share words of wisdom and tools that I myself have experienced and remind you “that what you already are.”

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Before, you click to open The 4-Step Morning Ritual To Shining Bright, I wanted to leave you with this blessing,

May you always being surrounded by love

And guided by your intuition.

May you begin each day with an open heart

And find the courage within.


That when people see you, they remember.  

And so it is!

Do you ever feel like you are not sure how to start your day? Like no matter what you try, your emotions seem to get the best of you? I used to feel like I had no idea how my day would turn out and just go in hoping for the best.

My metaphor for life used to be “life is like a rollercoaster.” There were ups and downs and I never knew how my day would turn out. I felt emotionally exhausted by all the “rides” I was going on until I realized that I could set the tone for my day before I even left the house. It wasn’t about what was going to happen or how much I had on my “to do” list; it was about how I was handling it.  

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

And your reaction is dependent on the groundwork you lay in advance. Rather than being at the mercy of what surprises the day has in store, you can begin to take the reins back into your hands by creating a strong foundation.

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