Rushing Toward A Goal


The past few months of my pregnancy have been beautiful. I had a lot that I wanted to accomplish before my first born arrives and I knew that I would feel so good getting it done. But it has gone completely differently than I expected.

The reason being – I decided that throughout my pregnancy my goal was to treat myself in a loving way. I still wanted to do everything I had set out to do but I wanted to add a deep rooted intention to achieve in a more feminine + trusting way. I knew that during this special time in my life, my values shifted and my emphasis would be on self-care, love, trust and flow!

Firstly, I want you to know that there a few different ways of getting things done. I have realized that we all have a certain expectation for how it looks + feels to complete things. This expectation can keep us stuck because there isn’t just one way of doing things!

If your ultimate goal is to check off a few important items of your list – well then you have the outcome you want lined-up but the pathway to that outcome could be 100 different options.

Here are a few examples:

  • STRESS MODEL: Choosing resistance, working harder, pressure, pushing and rushing.
  • SOULFUL MODEL: Choosing trust, flow, surrender, balance and rest.
  • INTENTIONAL MODEL: Choosing awareness, clarity, playfulness and pure action.

There is a way to work smarter and not harder – it has everything to do with perspective and awareness.

I have been amazed at how much I can accomplish when I shift my mind and treat myself with more kindness. I know – this might sound fluffy to you but at the end of the day, I accomplished much more and felt better than I would have had I stuck to the “stress model.”

My pregnancy and new values guided me towards a combination of the Soulful + Intentional Models. That means I consciously chose my intention, got really clear on what I wanted to do, took action and used play + balance to get things done.

We don’t need to suffer through our to do’s – we can choose to do it in our own way.

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Set an intention – how do you want to feel while you accomplish your tasks?
  2. Get clear – what do you need to do + why are you doing it? Do this before you begin
  3. Take Breaks – honor your needs by making time to eat, rest, work out, + play. Throw out that old model of “I can only relax + enjoy once x,y,z happens” (TOP SECRET: THAT’S BULLSHIT)
  4. Loving Action – action is necessary in order to reach goals and see results. Action takes courage to move forward. Loving action means you treat yourself with respect throughout the process + have your own back.
  5. Rename the Goal – perhaps it’s not just about getting it done, perhaps it’s getting it done a certain way. What if you make that the end all goal?


How has your experience been with achieving goals? Share with us!

Love + Light,

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