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Happy Holidays! I can’t believe we are almost a week away from Christmas and two weeks away from New Years. Can you? This time of year can be pretty intense. Even with all the fun, excitement and holiday parties, we often feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious. If you are feeling this way -check out my recent post for the Wunderglo Foundation “The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself” this season. Hint you don’t need to go shopping to get it!

I have noticed 2 important things happen during this time of year: reflection on the past year and big plans for the coming year.

As we get closer to the end of the year, some may feel a twinge of disappointment. Perhaps, not everything you dreamed of came true for you or certain goals weren’t reached. I know for me, it is so much easier to point out all the things that didn’t happen than it is to acknowledge all the amazing things that did happen.

We are also quick to set big glorious goals for the next year. A huge list of the same resolutions as last year. Things like losing weight, exercising, making more money, taking more trips, etc. It is almost as if these goals are more in line with our egos than with our truest selves. Can you relate?

If you are willing to try something different, I have two new ways of reflecting on the past year and setting goals for 2016.

Acknowledge what YOU did accomplish, not what you didn’t.

“Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.” Emerson

Rather than concentrating on everything that didn’t work out as you wanted, spend some time noting everything that you did accomplish this past year. You will be amazed by everything that happened and how much actually shifted.

The key here is to release your judgments about them. Nothing is too small or silly to include. List everything you did. Think about the people you met, the challenges you overcame, the places you saw, really anything goes!

Celebrate yourself for everything you are and stop defining yourself by everything you aren’t!

For 2016, be led by your feelings.

“Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.” Danielle Laporte

I know you want more and I know you have big dreams. I also know that you are capable of achieving them. Believe it or not, the way to get closer to your dreams isn’t to have a perfect plan but to know how you want to feel and why. Our feelings are clues to what we really want. When something doesn’t feel right, it is for a reason. Let it guide you!

If you desire to lose weight or create healthier relationships, what is the core feeling you would get from achieving these goals? It may be to feel free, calm or passionate. Make a list of the ways you want to FEEL in 2016. List as many as you can and then choose your top 3.

Let your feelings guide the way for 2016. You’ll know that you are off track when you don’t feel your top 3 feelings. So if forcing yourself to diet makes you feel like shit instead of peaceful – you’ll know it’s not right for you. What does feel good for you? How do you want to feel in 2016?

Share your comments below! Post them, print them, remind yourself what you really want. It’s not the tangible goals you want, it is the feeling you truly desire. And guess what, you can feel it even before you receive it. To read more about this check out Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map.

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Happy Holidays!

With Love and Light,

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