women-reflectionsOrly creates ease with her genuine spirit and empathetic heart. She provides insights and alternative perspectives that provide a fresh look into life. I would recommend Orly to my friends that are looking for someone to listen in and provide them with an alternative life prospective.

I loved working with Orly because I felt truly listened to. She is wonderful at empathizing which made me comfortable with sharing openly with you. I appreciated her guidance and the questions she asks allowed me delve deeper and consider alternative life perspectives.

After working with Orly, I feel calmer. I feel like I have stronger desire to put myself first and a stronger sense of being a creator of my life. I feel that I also have resources for moving forward… like mantras that will empower me to always be considering myself and journaling exercises so I can envision the outcomes I desire!

– Camila Marquez, New Mexico

Orly is a soul centered, caring, and intuitive coach.  In our work together, Orly brought brilliant clarity and enthusiasm to a tricky situation of mine, giving it breath and exciting possibilities I couldn’t see on my own. 

I felt super at ease and am feeling gratitude, refreshed, and new motivation!

-Ttara tagara Tagliaferro, New York

What drew me to Orly is her perfect combination of wisdom, curiosity, and leadership. In times when I felt frustrated, stuck, and didn’t know what to do, Orly guided me with reflection and the new direction I needed but didn’t know how to access on my own.

Every single time I get off the phone from a session with Orly I feel cheerful, inspired, and clear on what it is I need to do to get past a block I’m experiencing. I have worked with several coaches and Orly stands out among them as a gentle yet powerful guide to being my best.

-Joanne Ozug, New York


I find Orly to be present and spacious. She is highly skilled and competent yet very personable. She is attentive and caring. I felt heard and supported. After speaking with her I’m feeling optimistic and have a greater perspective along with specific techniques to use.

I would recommend her to a friend!

 Colleen Testimonial Pic– Colleen Filler, CA
Professional Organizer,

After working with Orly, I felt really enlightened and empowered. She has a healing way about her that is very soothing and calm. Her guided questions really forced me to look inside myself in order to realize what steps I need to take next to bring myself to a fulfilling place.

She was full of insight on how to cope with past situations that were causing me anxiety and gave me advise on how to process them so that future dilemmas can be helpful in my growth. After a session I felt prepared for the next phase of life and growth with a new perspective.

I’d recommend you look to Orly for insight or advice if you are feeling stuck, having conflict with others (or inner conflict), or are looking to find more fulfillment in life. She will seek in depth with you to find the triggers of what might be blocking passages to enlightenment, and give you tools to practice a more meaningful journey.

– Bridget Hardt, San Francisco, CA

Orly helped me find my inner superhero that I had lost. I am a more confident woman since her coaching sessions. She’s helped guide me through some health struggles.

She made me feel like I was not crazy when my doctors tell me I’m ok but my body feels abnormal.She opened up a new way of thinking for me and introduced me to holistic healing methods.

Which, without her guidance I probably wouldn’t have found out about. She is really patient and she’ll never push you to do more than you’re ready for.

Tanissia+Sprull+-+Kyle+Rea+Photography-Tanissia Sprull, CA



Orly is a rock star, and she’ll help you see that you are, too!

With compassion, patience and keen insight, she nurtures a truly safe space for exploring the self and taking an objective look at the “I can’t” stories we tell ourselves. She goes above and beyond for her clients, making herself available round the clock via email while offering powerful tools for self-care such as guided meditations and writing prompts. She is warm, authentic and inspiring.

Orly coached me at the beginning of a dramatic career/lifestyle change, giving me the push I needed to leave the 9-to-5 office job that was draining my creativity. She helped me develop a realistic, detailed action plan and overcome my fear of taking risks. I left each session feeling more confident, energized and motivated – like I can take on the world!Thank you Orly!

– Miranda Perry, CA

Writer & Yoga Instructor,

Orly, as you coach me, I know that you are listening deeply. You hear both what I say, and what is not said.

As a result of your coaching, I see situations differently. You help me move from a place of overwhelm to where I have choice and the spaciousness that results from that.

Your powerful questions and wise reflections give me a sense of possibility in my life. You offer practical tools that I am able to use. As a result, I feel more grounded and hopeful.

To anyone considering coaching with Orly, here is what I would tell you. If you are at a place of feeling ‘stuck’ in your life, then Orly is the one for you. You will be held and supported by her.

You will gain fresh perspectives and most of all, you will learn to love yourself and love your life!

-Marjorie Warkentin, B.C

Everything is great in my world. After working with Orly, I feel great!

Coaching helped me to realize what I wanted out of my relationship and I feel wonderful now being in a committed relationship where I get to focus on my growth, my kids and getting organized again!

 I feel so much better emotionally and I feel very stable right now. Life is great! Thank you for all you do!

Karen Murray – NY

Orly helped me get out a hole I was in. As a first-timer there were times when I was hesitant to continue with the coaching, but I was so grateful she followed up with me to continue. She gives helpful feedback and is easy to talk to.

The meditation and breathing techniques I learned from Orly have helped me control my anxiety and stress. I have realized that a lot of answers are within myself. I need to trust myself and not be afraid!

I would recommend Orly’s services to people in all different phases in their lives. I think she has a niche for women struggling to balance work, life and family. Working together was a great experience!

Esther O.C

Orly’s “soul- based” approach was just what I needed in order to move forward. She helped me to connect to an inner desire to take on an adventure. I was overwhelmed by the idea of planning and taking action.

Through my work with Orly, I was able to break down all of the “work” into smaller tasks, taking one step at a time, all leading to my being able to make a long held dream come true.

She’s a terrific cheerleader and coach!

Karen – WA