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My work centers around learning more about you and your experience with stress. By discovering its roots through vulnerable sharing and studying our own mind, body and soul. Each person will have their own unique discovery, healing and ultimately awakening by listening to their bodies, their minds and their spirit. We are own best guides and have the answers within.



About Me:

Since I was a child I felt scared and stressed. I carried with me a sense of responsibility for my loved ones and deep shame that I couldn’t explain. It didn’t make sense but I was on the verge of panic every day. I have a loving family, food to eat, I was physically healthy. Nonetheless, I only felt safe at home. Once I entered middle school, the only people I wanted to be with were my family members and the only place I wanted to go was home. My social anxiety multiplied as I developed into a teenager making it increasingly difficult to be present and enjoy my upbringing.

My head was the navigator those days and my constant analyzing and worrying took center stage. All my decisions were based on perceived safety or comfort. Though, another side of me developed profoundly due to my fears.

I was always on the search for growth and wanted to overcome my fears and worrisome attitude. Being incredibly sensitive and quiet, I picked up on a lot of my surrounding energy and observing everyone, their lives, fears, happiness, decisions. I was like a sponge soaking up everything. This has been a great blessing as it supports me in feeling and understanding others, and it has also been a pain as I had to learn how to separate myself and create healthy boundaries with the world.

I learned quickly that I was not alone and that there was so much to learn about life, about myself and about healing from my fears.

In college, I took an elective course in Religion which shaped my unique professional path. I loved learning about faith and discovering meaning in ancient texts. I realized that though I was always afraid and overwhelmed; I had a deep sense of trust in a greater power and loved learning about anything unseen but felt. Each biblical story had hidden meaning and wisdom about life and I loved to put the puzzle pieces together. It also led me to learning about my own ancestry and background which explained a lot about my fears.

My feelings began to play a bigger role in my life and I learned to follow a different path. I worked on my mind set and perceptions. It felt like a constant struggle to accept the difficult and darker emotions. More and more I realized how much pressure I put on myself and how much resistance I created toward life.

I tried to control everything and everyone so that things would feel safe and secure. You can imagine how will that plan worked. It left me overwhelmed and exhausted. I worked on letting go and allowing.

I tried every mode of healing out there from past life regressions to hypnosis to reiki and therapy. With each experience and of course with time, I learned to forgive and release traumas. I learned more about myself and became more playful and fun.
My own personal healing led me to study coaching, hormonal health, breathwork, and movement healing. I also delved in intuitive channeling and spiritual connections.

I believe each of us has a unique journey to healing stress. Stress is our teacher, it is not a result of our society but a wound we can heal. It is a mind, body, and soul triangle towards optimum health. I always tell my clients, if they are willing to take a step back and look at all these pieces of themselves they will find wholeness.

With the constant changes we experience daily and the amount of love we have for our dearest, it makes sense to feel overwhelmed or in a funk at time, however if it is stagnant and has become the norm, it is time to learn more about what it is teaching you. Still, there is no arrival point, there is no perfect plan – this realization will be a big part of your own healing because our work embraces this life and does not fight against it.

Learn how we can work together and begin to shift your life into the light.

My Name:

Orly is a Hebrew name, meaning “my light.” Since I was young my family constantly reminded me of my name’s meaning and I believe reinforced my life’s purpose by telling me I was their light. I didn’t fully understand what that meant but I knew it felt good and being young I chose to believe them. As I got older and deepened my understanding of life, love, religion, and spirituality – the meaning of my name became more important to me and I use it often.

What Is Light?:

There are many different definitions and understandings of the light. It can be understood metaphorically as a divine energy or literally as a source that makes it possible to see. For me “light” is metaphor for a deep understanding of oneself. By connecting with and learning about ourselves we connect with the light. I believe that light shines bright in everyone and that through inner work we clear the way to shine brighter. It is related to the goodness, love, compassion, and freedom we all seek.

My Professional Background:

I hold a Master’s Degree in Religion. In school I studied Judaism and Nonprofit Management. I am a Certified Life Coach from Celebrity Mentor, Jeannine Yoder’s, Mentor Masterclass Program.

Where I Am Physically:

Currently I live in Huntington Beach, California. I was born and raised in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada. I hold all my sessions via skype or over the phone.

My Loves:

My husband, the ocean, learning about myself and the universe, swimming, nature, traveling, cooking, eating, self-help anything, meditation, yoga, tea, family, connecting, understanding and listening.


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