10 Surprising Ways To Free Yourself From Fear


Do you wake up feeling tired and weighed down?

Another night passed and you barely slept. You feel anxious all the time. You are constantly thinking, yet feel no relief.

You don’t want to face the day ahead. In some sense you feel like it’s your fault; like it’s your responsibility to fix everything and make it “right.” You are trapped in a web of fearful thoughts and worst case scenarios.

I can completely relate, this perfectly describes how I used to feel before I started taking care of myself and turning inwards for the answers. Below is a list of ways I began overcoming and releasing my fears.

Here are my 10 tried- and- true ways to finally free yourself from fear:

  1. Acknowledge Your Fear

Grab your journal and begin to list your greatest fears. By releasing the fear onto paper instead of hearing it inside your mind, you are taking it out of the darkness and exposing it to the light. You are creating a separation from the fear that allows you to fully recognize it.

  1. Feel It All the Way

Usually we run from our fears. We try to numb ourselves in order to avoid the pain that arises from life. I am asking you to do the opposite. Create a safe and trusted space perhaps with a supportive friend nearby and sit with the feelings that come up. You don’t need to escape the feelings, you need to feel them so they can shift and pass by.

  1. Forgive Yourself

You might think, “Forgive myself for what?” The answer is, forgive yourself for being human and accept that fear and pain is part of your unique being. We don’t realize how hard we are on ourselves and how much we resist our fears. Tell yourself that it is okay that you feel the way you do. Allow yourself to be complete with all parts of you, the light and the shadow.

  1. Connect To Your Body

Experiencing fearful thoughts creates tension in your body. Release trapped energy by crying, screaming into a pillow, and taking deep breaths. Notice where you feel tight and try to create space by releasing it through one of the above.

As you follow your own inner compass and feel the satisfaction of making the best steps forward for yourself, your confidence grows.

  1. Take a Bath

Soaking in the tub offers two important shifts: washing away the fears and relaxing the body in a warm, safe place. Try adding Epsom salts and essential oils to relax your muscles!

  1. Ask for Help

This can be the most difficult step to take. We don’t want others to know that we feel this way. We are afraid of judgment, ridicule, and misunderstanding so we hold it in and swallow the pain. Asking for support can change your life. Whether you want to share with a trusted friend, pray, or hire a professional, be willing to RECEIVE support around your fear. There is nothing wrong with asking for support. By doing this you’re not only helping yourself but you are also giving someone an opportunity to learn, grow and give.

  1. Surrender

Surrendering does not mean you are throwing in the towel, it means letting go and trusting that things are working in divine order. Easier said than done, I know, but with awareness and trust you can reach this point.

  1. Question Yourself

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to see what’s on the other side of this fear?” Am I willing to challenge this fear in order to positively grow? What can I learn from this? On a deeper level, what is this fear about?

  1. Read About Someone You Admire

Think of a person you respect. Maybe it’s a public figure, athlete, teacher, or parent? Read or ask them about their life. You might be surprised to learn how much adversity they have had to overcome. Learn what fears paralyzed them, how they overcame them, and where it led them.

  1. Be the Beginner

Beginnings are usually scary. There are unknowns and risks involved. But the truth is, we have to start somewhere. In order to achieve your dreams, set the past aside and experience a life worth living we have to be willing to live in that awkward stage of inexperienced. Accept that the new stage isn’t comfortable and has missing puzzle pieces because you never know the bliss, beauty and possibility that awaits you on the other side of fear.

Facing your fears is not an easy or fun task. It can be incredibly scary and debilitating.

But taking small steps to honestly look your fear in the eye can lead to life- changing shifts and realizations. It did for me!

Just imagine, going to bed at night and peacefully sleeping. See yourself waking up in the morning feeling excited about the day and the possibilities that lie ahead, not because everything is absolutely perfect but because you felt your fears and experienced major growth as a result.

To begin, take a look at the list above and choose one thing to try today. Take your time and come back to the list for additional steps. Remember that you are are not alone in feeling fears and working towards overcoming them. Every person on this planet experiences fear and only you have the power to transcend them.

Do you want learn more or desire support around your fears? Message me to set up a free session!

What keeps you up at night? By sharing your fears below you are taking the first step!

With Love and Light,




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