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Discover what lies within and begin living the life of your dreams!

You may be wondering, what is a life coach/soul mentor?

As a coach and mentor I work alongside you as your partner. Together we gain insight on your current situation and develop a vision for your dream life. I guide you to turn inwards and connect with your authentic wisdom. We concentrate on what’s real for you, I listen deeply, offering suggestions and action steps towards releasing blocks in order to move closer to your ideal path. I am devoted to leading you towards discovering your own answers.

Who I Work With:

I work with open, loving, and unique souls that are ready to look deep within, receive guidance and ultimately CHANGE their lives to one that feels like a dream come true. If you are ready to invest in yourself and shine some light within to make healthy changes in your life, coaching will light the way to your highest potential – and you will never look back!

The Process:

Our journey begins with openly sharing what’s real for you. I take an inside out approach rather then an outside in approach. What your life looks and feels like and what you secretly dream for yourself. I coach you to find what’s holding you back by cultivating awareness around all areas of your life, finding what’s true and releasing all that is not. Through asking powerful questions, deep inner work assignments, healing tools, and goal setting we will redefine and create new patterns in your life to support you towards your deepest desires.

Cultivate Awareness –> Imagine and Create –>Disciplines –> Authentic Peace and Purpose

What You Gain:

Together we create a clear vision of your dream life and truest self. Looking deeper to understand your deepest desires and highest purpose here. Moving forward we will design a new relationship with yourself, your work, you loved ones and with your life experience. You will deepen your understanding of all that you are and understand what steps to take next. Through our work you will gain a sense of purpose, direction, love, clarity and a deep rooted trust, ease in all that you do. You will leave feeling bigger, brighter and aligned with your true self.

I believe that if you are visiting this page it is for a reason. Whether or not you chose to take this step and change your life, I want you to know that anything you want is possible and with self-love and self-care beautiful shifts will take place in your life. Together, we can begin finding clarity and creating a vision for your best life. If you want to learn more schedule a free confidence session with me. Message me here to schedule!

Do you have an idea of how you want to feel, live and experience life but don’t see a route to get there?

Have you read all the self-empowerment books, joined the latest fitness craze, received a job promotion and still feel frustrated, anxious and worried about the future?

Does everything seem fine on the outside but you don’t feel fine on the inside? Do you ever say to yourself, what’s wrong with you? You have no reason to feel incomplete, yet you do?

My coaching packages are unique and customized to your life experience. Whether you are looking to find purpose, direction, or true love, I am here to support you. I believe in you and I know its possible.  Your level of investment, willingness to shine light on the shadows, and showing up with 100% of yourself is REQUIRED!

There a 2 options for working with me!

One on one and via The Soul Shine Group Mentorship.

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