The Real Reason Why You Feel Stuck


For years, I was on a race track to get the life of my dreams. The relationship, the career, the home and it was exhausting! It always seemed like I wasn’t getting there or I wasn’t getting there fast enough. Which left me like a hamster spinning my wheel and running in circles.

Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to get somewhere but nothing is changing?

How many diets have you tried without losing a pound (for good)? How many online courses have you taken without attaining whatever was being sold to you? How many “money saving or abundance earning strategies” have you tried while your bank account stayed stuck on the same number?

There was a time in my life when the answer was ENDLESS! Looking deeper into myself I began to notice a common thread weaved through all my goals. Behind everything I deeply desired was a motivating factor for why I wanted it. The real reason I wanted it.

For instance, I realized that the reason I wanted to lose weight was to be skinny. The reason I wanted to be skinny was because I thought skinny equaled beautiful. The reason I thought that skinny equaled beautiful was because society glorified it and therefore made it more desirable and acceptable.

In other words, I wanted to be skinny because I thought that I wasn’t good enough and I needed to be different in order to be loved and accepted. The whole time I was trying to lose weight, the energy I put forth to accomplish my goals came DIRECTLY FROM MY EGO.

It wasn’t aligned with my soul and what I truly desired for myself. I didn’t desire to lose weight so that I would feel physically fit or be the best version of myself, it was to please others and make myself fit in. Can you relate?

My example is related to my body image but this is true for anything you desire.
Here’s what I realized. When you change the motivation behind the goal, you shift the energy which then changes the outcome.

Pushing yourself to attain something that isn’t in your highest good will never serve you. You’ll either get it and feel like crap or you will be constantly on the run trying to reach it but falling short.

Motivation is either ego-based or soul aligned! In order to dig deeper I created a list of common ego based and soul aligned motivations to see where your goals lie. The key here is to be honest with yourself about why you want it.

Ego Motivation

  • To be perfect (whatever that means)
  • To be rich
  • To be accepted by others
  • To escape pain and suffering
  • To impress others
  • To satisfy others
  • To be “other” than yourself

Soul Aligned Motivation

  • To spread the love
  • To be the best version of yourself
  • To face your fears
  • To overcome whatever is holding you back
  • To step into your power
  • To feel good, connected, content, passionate, etc.

Do any of these sound familiar? Think about your goals and the real motivation behind them. You may realize that you actually don’t desire to attain that goal any longer or you may realize that you do but want to change your motivation aka the energy you are using to get there.

Remember the energy you are putting out there is the driving force once you shift them higher you will be flying to your goals in no time.

Share your goal and the motivation behind it in the comments below!

Love and Light,

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