The One Thing That Changed My Life


When I look back over the past two years, I am astounded by how my life has changed. I used to constantly struggle with feeling good about myself, voicing my opinions and going after my dreams. Fast forward to now, I am the complete opposite. I feel amazing, run my own business and share what’s on my heart with ease. No, I am not trying to portray perfection (don’t believe in it). I still have hard days and experience the range of emotions but if I compare how I FEEL now to how I FELT then, it’s night and day. I have learned many tools and techniques to use on myself and with my clients however, there is one that is interwoven within each of my transformational experiences.

I’ll give you a hint, it’s something that you have always wanted from every person you’ve ever met in your life!

The one thing that has really shaped me is SELF-LOVE.

I know, you have heard it many times but if you can open up enough to embrace it, it will without a doubt change your life! For me, it was the entry way to a totally new life experience. One where I finally took off my armor and felt FREE to be myself, take risks, and enjoy life.

So what does self-love mean, the online dictionary defines it as, “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.” Take that in for a moment…Any light bulbs go off?

I would add that self-love means acknowledging and appreciating one’s unique qualities, experiences and perspectives. It means treating and speaking to yourself with love, forgiveness and acceptance. In many ways it is having your own back, being the partner of your dreams and your pathway to your soul.

So where to begin???

First, begin to notice your relationship with yourself. How do you speak and treat yourself in your head? Do you give yourself a hard time and blame yourself if things don’t go as planned? Do you ever think “if only I was smarter, prettier, skinnier or more deserving things would be different?” List out anything that comes up.

Secondly, cultivate gratitude for YOURSELF! It may feel odd at first but your goal with this exercise is to find appreciation for yourself. What makes you special, what do you love about you, what compliments do you often receive from others? At the end of this exercise write “I am grateful for me and all that I am.”

Third, create a statement for how you will treat yourself moving forward. Begin with “I am my own guru and this is how I honor myself”

And lastly, tell yourself “I love and accept you” daily and give yourself a tight squeeze – acknowledge and connect with yourself as often as you can. It will change your life and open doors you never knew existed.

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