Soul Shine Sisterhood

The Soul Shine Sisterhood
A Four-Month Empowerment Experience to Finding Your Purpose and Getting in Alignment with Your Highest Potential

Join an intimate group of like-minded women + Allow Your Light To Lead the Way
Overcome fear and confusion by turning within to rediscover your purpose, freedom, and deepest joy!

Is This You?

  • Do you have it all and still feel unfulfilled?
  • Are you confused about what direction to take next and how to create the changes you’ve secretly dreamed of?
  • Do you find it difficult to speak up and understand your own emotions?
  • Have you ever stayed up all night worrying about what will be?
  • Do you feel angry or frustrated that things aren’t working out right?
  • Do constantly search for the answers outside?
  • Do you feel you are wasting your potential?

I have a secret to share with you. A few years ago I had a vision for my life and I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. I was headed down a clear path toward success. There was only one problem: I felt unfulfilled, confused, and anxious. I had a deep-rooted fear (one that would keep me up at night). It started with, “What if none of this comes true?” and evolved into, “What if all of this comes true and I still feel empty inside?”

Although we put a lot of focus on the things we want in life, we often forget that true happiness, the kind that sticks, doesn’t come from material items or a check list of to dos. On a deeper level, I knew my life’s dreams: happy marriage, meaningful career, a beautiful home, healthy family, etc., were possible and I knew they would mean nothing and feel unsatisfying without deep roots to guide me and ground me through.

I found my contentment through realizing my true purpose and potential and YOU CAN TOO! I overcame fear, doubt, and constant worry by connecting my soul and diving deep within myself.

The truth is everything you have dreamed of is at your fingertips. You can free yourself from worry and frustration to discover a life of purpose, pleasure and peace! Your power lies within you knowing yourself and trusting yourself. Join me and other women in discovering your truest purpose and living a life filled with love, security, and confidence!

What You’ll Gain:

  • Know what limiting beliefs block your growth
  • Find your true soul’s life purpose
  • Heal from painful and fearful past experiences
  • Learn tools and techniques to overcome fear, worry, and anxiousness
  • Be received in a loving community of supportive and like-minded women
  • Feel seen, heard, and accepted for all that you are
  • Understand your fears, motives, and actions
  • Develop a stronger and loving relationship with yourself
  • Create a plan and know what steps to take next
  • Learn to easily communicate your truth and desires
  • Experience purpose, pleasure, and peace in your life
  • Become the leader in your life – know your power


After working with Orly, I felt really enlightened and empowered. She has a healing way about her that is very soothing and calm. Her guided questions really forced me to look inside myself in order to realize what steps I need to take next to bring myself to a fulfilling place

How It Works:

This unique program is held virtually + will include be an intimate size. We will meet 3 weeks out of the month for 4 months online via Google Hangouts and periodically via a group conference line. Here’s what’s included:

  • 4 Monthly Workbooks
  • 3 Group Coaching sessions each month
  • 2 Surprise Q + A with my favorite mentor
  • Unlimited one on one email/text support with me
  • 9 guided meditations with all call recordings
  • Weekly + Bi-monthly sister partnership calls
  • Surprise welcome kit with my favorite goodies


With compassion, patience and keen insight, she nurtures a truly safe space for exploring the self and taking an objective look at the “I can’t” stories we tell ourselves. She goes above and beyond for her clients, making herself available round the clock via email while offering powerful tools for self-care such as guided meditations and writing prompts.

Who Am I + How I Work :

My coaching and mentorship work is a combination of my background in life coaching, religious + spiritual studies and my personal transformation. I believe in using the tools, techniques and methods I gained over my life time as well as the processes I learned during my Certification + Training in Life Coaching. This encompasses a wide range including the soul, the mind, and the body. In order to feel whole we need to see our whole selves. We will concentrate on the entire picture of your life with a special lens on femininity, power/strength, intuitive wisdom and vulnerability. My unique talents include teaching these tools + techniques, intuitively guiding + listening and creating a safe space to do this inner work. The community and sisterhood we work within sets the tone for giving + receiving, vulnerably sharing and ultimately confidence, love and strength.Though we will also be active in our approach to making changes – it won’t fall into your lap at least not without some great action steps to take!

Read my full story here!

Who You Are:

Not every program is right for you + that is ok! This one of a kind online sisterhood is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to invest both time and energy in yourself
  • You are want to dig in and do soulful work
  • You want to actively participate and engage with other women (share and listen)
  • You are open minded and want to discover new possibilities
  • You know that you are 100% responsible for your own life

Why This Is Life Changing:

Over the course of my lifetime I have participated and invested in many wellness programs (coaching, masterminds, group therapy, seminars etc.) and here is what I have realized, we don’t have to do it alone and we were never meant to do it alone. Community (when it’s in alignment with your soul) is extremely powerful. We don’t always have the ability to see the clear picture nor do we always have the confidence to do it on our own. Sisterhood and connecting allows us to open up and discover our blind spots as well as receive + give the support it takes to actually make positive changes + recognize what’s real.

Our minds and our past experiences weigh heavy on us and if we are not aware they steer us down our life journey. At the same time, true purpose and happiness comes from growth and an opening of our consciousness. We have to make a choice – will we sit back and allow past habits + fears to drive us around or will we take the wheel and make the choice to lead our lives from a place of soul + intuition?

By making the choice to do this inner work, we get clear on who we are, why we do certain things and how we can make positive shifts toward the direction of our dreams. We have to be willing to look at ourselves and willing to try new things.

I know this because my life has transformed over the past few years. Since I was young I wanted to know what they key was – how can I overcome challenges and live a peaceful + happy life? I searched and found that through community, becoming 100% responsible for my life and deeply understanding +accepting my own self (all parts of me) I was freed.

My life changed, my career changed, my relationships changed and most importantly the way I experienced and understood life changed for the better. I am now living the dream I journaled about many years ago. I know who I am and what my purpose is here. I know that I didn’t do it alone reading self help books, I did it by investing in myself and opening up to receiving love + guidance from others.I did it by knowing if I don’t do it, no one will do it for me.

And I want that for you because I know its possible and I know with every fiber of my being that you deserve it and can impact so many others by simply starting with you!

Your Investment + Exchange:

Holiday Special Pricing before December 24th:

4 monthly payments of $444 or one total payment of $1399 ($377 in savings)

Includes one free ($200 value) coaching session with me!

Regular Pricing after December 24th:

4 monthly payments of $525 or one total payment of $1850 ($250 in savings)

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