My Greatest Lesson

2016 Dino Reichmuth

During this time of year, I begin to reflect back on my life. I love to bring awareness to not only the happenings of the past year but to my greatest learnings. Since I was a kid, I was infatuated with anything “self-help” related. I used to spend hours at the bookstore, sitting cross-legged under the self-help section.

I wanted to learn as much as possible about myself and about life. I wanted to take the shortcuts and figure things out! Of course, I learned that there are no shortcuts in life. However, by reading books and listening to lectures of great teachers on the subject of wellness, spirituality, inner freedom, etc. pearls of wisdom started to repeat in me.

Even things that I didn’t understand or didn’t make sense to me became a part of my consciousness.  They were like seeds being planted + rooted in me even before I saw a single thing grow in my garden.

This is always good to remember when you feel stuck or hopeless! Everything that you not only do but read and allow into your consciousness is a seed (good + bad)– it can take time to nurture + grow it but if you allowed it in with the slight possibility that it’s true – it’s in you!

I remember reading this particular quote many years ago-

“Recognize that the other person is you” Yogi Bhajan

I had no idea what that meant. What do you mean the other person is me? How so?

Well, nevertheless I knew whatever he meant was true. I felt it in my body – it was a DIAMOND of wisdom and I allowed it in.

Over the years, it has come up over + over again. For me, this means that everything I see, feel, or think in another is a reflection of something within me. For instance, if I judge another – I judge myself, if I see something that bothers me in another – it is within myself, if I offer advice or give to another, I am giving to myself.

We are all so connected – though it seems we are separate and through our experiences + learnings with others; we are learning more about ourselves.

It also means, according to Yogi Bhajan we are being called to take full responsibility for our experiences and to live the Truth—we are ALL ONE.”

For me, the greatest realization came when I was reacting to a circumstance involving a loved one. My reaction was big + angry + emotional. Suddenly, it came to me; I wasn’t upset at that person and it wasn’t for the reasons I thought. In fact, it didn’t even have to do with them! Except for the fact that they helped me uncover something about myself. The brought something out of me that was hidden deep and I had a choice to see it as my own or to put the blame on them.

I choose to look deeper into it and saw it as something within myself which led to immense healing and freedom.

I wanted to share this gem with you and ask you to feel into what it means for you and to use it when you are in situations with others.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this about me or them?
  • If this is about me, what would it be trying to show me?
  • How can I see myself a part of a whole rather than a separate piece?

I’d love to hear if this makes sense to you and how you understand it! Hit reply or comment below to share.

Love + Light,

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