Get Rid of these 3 Words


How many times a day do you think or say “I DON”T KNOW.” I don’t know what to do next, I don’t know what I want, I don’t know who I am, I don’t know why I did that…? This list goes on.

I am really familiar with this statement because I said it many times in my life. I said it because at the time I was sure it was true. I was confused about what was bothering me and I thought I had no idea what I wanted for myself.

Although these are just words we say and hear often; they are also dead weights that keep us stuck from moving forward. The language we use and things we repeat carry and energy and create beliefs.

If we don’t know… then what? It’s almost like we are giving ourselves permission to stay in whatever place we desperately want to get out of.

For me, I remember “not knowing” was safer than knowing because I didn’t have to risk failure, disappointment, and mistakes. Does this resonate with you?

I would think thoughts like, “what if I do get that and then don’t want it or what if I put myself out there and it totally sucks.” It left me paralyzed from taking action.

If your head is telling you, you need to know 100% that this is what you want in order to start thinking it or going for it – let me support you in clarifying that that is total B.S.

Life is not always perfectly planned out, it’s a journey of discovery or “rediscovery” and we don’t need to know everything in order to take steps in a positive direction.


Instead say, “I do know, I am thinking this may be cool, I’m going to try this it feels right, I am getting clearer and clearer on what I want, I am open to taking steps into the direction that excites me.”

I believe, on a deeper level, you really do know! It may not come to you in the exact words or way your mind desires but believe me ITS IN THERE AND ITS READY TO COME OUT.

“You don’t need to figure it all out in order to know you’re not happy and want something different”

Here are some steps to guide you:

  1. Notice your language – every time you say or think “I don’t know” take a deep breath and instead use “I do know and it’s all getting clearer.”
  2. Instead of concentrating on what you don’t know – begin to think about what you do know. Make a list of everything you know you like or dislike.
  3. Use creativity and imagination to guide you. Day dream about what it may look like or feel like to know.
  4. Try something new out! Create one to three easy action steps toward it.
  5. Commit to going with it. Make a clear and firm commitment to giving it a chance.

Love and Light,

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