Do You Desire More Freedom?

Imagine a life where you feel free! What would that look like? How would you start and finish your day? What is your own unique definition of freedom? Today’s post is about how you can create more freedom in your life!

Independence Day!


Who is driving you around town? Is it you, your heart or perhaps your ego that holds the keys and turns on the navigation to your next location?

For most of us, our egos are running the show. They are the leaders in our life. They make the choices, have things figured out and scare you into fearful living. The ego is not your enemy though it acts as a protective -know it all guide to your life. One thing for sure is that every person you encounter deals with their own ego.

There are various definitions for the ego. It is the part of your conscious mind that connects you and reality based upon your mind’s perception. It is all up in the head, disconnected from your heart, soul and spiritual knowings.

In Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” – she shares a powerful message about making friends with her ego. She has a conversation with it and says, you can come along for the ride but you are not allowed anywhere close to the driver’s seat! In other words, I am not letting my ego run the show because it doesn’t lead me closer to my dreams.

Have you ever felt like your head was spinning in circles or your thoughts were so loud and repetitive that you wanted to knock yourself out? Have you ever listened to what your head was saying only to feel totally frustrated, angry and small?

According to one of my favorite teachers, Deepak Chopra, the “The ego is our self-image, not our true self. It is characterized by labels, masks, images, and judgments. The true self is the field of possibilities, creativity, intentions, and power. We can go beyond the ego through self-awareness – awareness of our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and speech. Thus we begin to slowly move beyond the ego to the true self.”

Deepak shares that the way to go beyond the limited and often fearful perspective of the ego is SELF-AWARENESS.

That is, the mindfulness of what is actually going on, not only in your head but in your body and soul as well. The only person that can understand this or know these answers is YOU and the only way for you to recognize it is to SLOW DOWN, LISTEN, and OBSERVE YOURSELF.

Yes, it is so much easier to listen to, judge and accuse others – that’s why we all do it (sometimes)! The real challenge is paying more attention to our own unique feelings and turning the volume up on our inner guide.  

Like my last post emphasizes KEEP IT SIMPLE. This isn’t rocket science, you are not doing it wrong. Simply notice, what feels good, what feels restricted and negative, what feels freeing and fun? There’s no need to judge yourself for anything you have done or are doing but the mere noticing of what doesn’t fit and trying something new instead.

4 Keys To Taking Back The Driver’s Seat:

  1. Slow Down
  2. Listen To What Else is There
  3. Observe Yourself (thoughts, feelings, behavior)
  4. Become friends with your ego. You don’t need to break up with it or hate it. Simply have a conversation with it…something along the lines of “ego, I know that you are just trying to protect me and I appreciate that but I HAVE GOT THIS, you can join me for the journey but your place is in the back seat or out playing somewhere else.”
  5. Allow your breath to guide you.

***The most powerful way I have learned to do the above is through meditation and breath. Go on Youtube and choose from a list of different types. Try it out, see how it goes!

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy 4th of July! Begin to understand a new definition of freedom – freedom from the ego leads to freedom in your life!

Love + Light,

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