5 Lessons Hating My Job Taught Me

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When I graduated from college with a Masters’ Degree, I had high hopes of getting out in the workforce and earning a stable income as soon as possible. Luckily, (or so I thought) I had a job interview the same week that I finished my last final and I got hired! Finally, I’d be able to support myself, have good health insurance and afford things that I wanted. Well a few months into my new job a black cloud appeared above my head and I was miserable. I hated getting up in the morning and counted the minutes till I could escape the office. My self-esteem dwindled and I began to feel stuck in a place that I couldn’t bear and surrounded by a tense energy that left me choking. I couldn’t believe that this was what the rest of my working life had in store. I desperately wanted to make a change but in order to change my work environment, I’d have to change my inner environment. Once I did that my outer world changed and I found the career of my dreams. Looking back now I can clearly see that having a negative work experience triggered a monumental shift in my thinking – and I am so grateful for being miserable because it taught me 5 great lessons.

  1. If you don’t treat yourself with respect no one else will!

-Being unhappy in my position was even more difficult because I was treating myself just as my boss at the time was treating me – like s#@t. Begin paying attention to your self-talk. What are you saying to yourself and how does it make you feel? You have the power to shift your self-contempt to self-love as soon as you cultivate an awareness around it.

  1. Trust your intuition.

– My days were filled with me fighting my feelings rather than letting my feelings guide me to live the life I secretly dreamed of. I learned that the answers I was looking for were not only within me but were talking to me loud and clear!

Do you feel unhappy at work or in your relationship and don’t understand why? Everything on the outside looks and sounds great yet you aren’t happy. It’s not about things seeming good, it’s about actually feeling good. Even if it doesn’t make logical sense to you, if you are unhappy your inner guide it trying to tell you something – take a chance and listen!

  1. There’s no rush to get where you’re going.

– Counting down the days till the weekend won’t help you feel better or make the change happen faster.

If you are truly ready to make a change – keep a positive belief system and know that there is something out there for you that will rock your world! The change you desire is going to happen. However, change doesn’t always happen overnight which is why it is so important to try and enjoy where you are at instead of waiting for the next chapter. Find a way to patiently get through your day and appreciate the small things, before you know it you’ll be at your new position.

  1. Confidence expands through action.

– Once I switched jobs, I realized I had made the right choice for myself and my confidence doubled because I listened to myself, took a leap of faith and experienced a positive outcome!

As you follow your own inner compass and feel the satisfaction of making the best steps forward for yourself, your confidence grows.

  1. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

-Though at the time I felt horrible and confused, looking back I can see the skills, both professional and personal that I gained from this experience.

Even in the worst situations, there is something good that you take from it. Whether it’s the people you have met or the lessons you have learned, you will walk away knowing something about yourself that you didn’t know before you started!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Are you stuck at a job you hate and want more? I can support you in finding your dream career!



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