3 Questions For 2018

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Happy Holidays and almost 2018 to you! This month has been full of new adventures for me. We survived Aria’s first ear infection and spent our first night away without a baby. Some days I have thought, how on earth can I do it? While other days felt like a sigh of relief. I have felt the tension of holidays as well as the quiet of this time of year. Many people are on vacation or have time off work which creates a different energy of BEING rather than DOING. Yes, there is still shopping mania going on but if you slow down and look around you’ll see it!

Since we are at the last week of 2017, I wanted to share my recipe for ending the year with love. I like to create some space to journal around 3 questions:

  1. What/who I am grateful for?

Let’s face it, we don’t always remember to be thankful for what we have because we are constantly living in the future and focusing on what we want. Take your time to write out who and what you have in your life. Rather than list the person/thing – write out why and how they impact your life.

  1. How I want to FEEL in 2018?

Rather than set resolutions and add more things to DO next year, I like to consider how I want to feel. For instance, rather than saying

  • I want to lose 10 pounds – Focus on feeling healthy, strong and balanced
  • I want to earn more money – Focus on feeling freedom and abundance
  • I want to quit my job – Focus on feeling secure and following your heart
  • I want to do x,y,z – Focus on feeling energized, motivated, + confident

Use these feeling words as your guide. Allow them to make your decisions by asking yourself, “does this action/experience/choice support me in feeling this feeling? Or “when do I feel this feeling most?”

  1. What I LOVE about me and my journey through 2017?

Another thing l like to reflect on is the WONDERFUL, AMAZING-NESS of ME. Your growth over the year is not measured in numbers or tangibles – that’s the bullshit way of feeling good about you because there is an attachment to something outside of yourself. The truth is, most of the expansion that impacts our lives has to do with what’s shifted within us. For instance, our capacity to forgive, accept or flow or our love of self and ability to honor our own truth.

Lastly, I am excited to share that my word (yep – I choose one every year) for 2018 is HOME. This past year I have spent a lot of time considering what home means to me. Not physically (though that’s a piece of it) but internally and spiritually. Coming home to myself has meant facing and feeling fears and taking intuitive action rather then logical. It has meant healing my body and resting more. It has meant uncovering different roles within myself and welcoming each piece that showed up with love. In early 2018, I will be sharing a lot more about COMING HOME – a new group coaching program for anyone that is ready to REMEMBER who they are and return HOME to themselves.

Enjoy your holidays wherever you are and feel good about YOU and REMEMBER the MILLIONS of possibilities that lie a head for you in 2018!

Love and Light,


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